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This design was originally for a contest, but it wasn't chosen for any place, so Sweet decided to provide it as a premade since Sweet dislikes seeing things unused. Shakfox is now using it because he is homeless for the moment while he figures out how to place nice with the humans that live in the Columbia Basin. He can only use the internet for an hour at a time using his library card.

Regardless of all the social hurdles, Shakfox has prepared a tiny corner of the internet to showcase his art, writing, and music!

Please pardon the space dust as I get this place decluttered and such. It is very hot outside!

I love you very much!

...until I really brush up on my html skills, you may humor me an email -

You may also leave an entry in the Guestbook below if you are so inclined!



Shakfox is an intergalactic telephone dialer, window breaker, and noise maker.

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